There are so many incredible resources that have come to light since the Black Lives Matter movement gained widespread momentum. Many of us who would like to be allies, accomplices, and co-conspirators are still grappling with the ways we benefit from and perpetuate “white supremacist delusion” as Sonye Renee Taylor calls it. It is important that we ask ourselves the uncomfortable questions about our own roles in systems of oppression, and that we stay in those uncomfortable places as we learn and rearrange our ways of being in the world.

As James Baldwin puts it, “be willing to look at…

At this moment in history, we find ourselves at the intersection of so many important conversations surrounding how we each experience safety, or the lack thereof. Many of us are asking, how do we make public spaces safe for everyone — especially the most marginalized populations: those experiencing insecure housing, racist police terror, or fear of violence?

Berkeley, California, has been heralded as a progressive model for the country in terms of social and environmental action and innovation through the decades. …

Everything You Need to Know about Making a Voting Plan

There is more at stake than ever for this year’s upcoming election. Each and every one of us with the capability to vote must work together to flip the Senate and make sure our current monster-in-chief is banished from office. …

Exploring Seadog Systems Inc.’s Powerful Wave Energy Conversion Systems

Electricity is one of nature’s most astonishing phenomena, a dazzling display of light and energy visible during lightning storms. Our ancestors have witnessed the tremendous power of electricity and dreamed of harnessing its energy. It even became a part of Greek mythology, Zeus controlling lightning in the palm of his hands.

It took generations of brilliant thinkers and inventors to make this dream a reality. Centuries of hard work and experimentation that yielded results, we are now reaping the benefits. Today, electricity runs every aspect of our lives, from the time…

The nation lost a giant this Friday. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist pioneer, icon, and champion for equal rights, passed away at age 87 from pancreatic cancer. The Supreme Court released a statement informing the public that she died in her home in Washington, D.C. surrounded by family.

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Justice Ginsburg led a lifetime of unwavering resilience and dedication to women’s rights. As she once stated, “Women’s rights are an essential part of the overall human rights agenda, trained on the equal dignity and ability to live in freedom all people should enjoy.” She is an inspiration and…

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The power of the ocean wave (photo courtesy of

In today’s world, one might become hopeless when witnessing the landscape of unprecedented climate crises. Many of us are asking, what can be done to curb carbon emissions before it is too late for the equilibrium of this planet?

We spoke with two visionaries who are leading the charge for a hydropower based transition in infrastructure that could vastly change the way we use energy. Kenneth W. Welch Jr., inventor and President and C.E.O. of Global Oceanic Designs and their affiliated company Seadog Systems Inc., and Georg Engelmann, engineer and C.E.O. and President at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. …

Hazel Rose

Hazel Rose is a writer, artist, and facilitator who has worked in the nonprofit and expressive arts worlds for 15 years in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

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